This week of quests brings back a type of quest we don’t see too often anymore: Time Trials! In this guide, we cover where you’ll find the time trials in both locations.

How to Complete the Swimming Time Trial at Weeping Woods or Coral Castle in Fortnite

To complete this quest, you only need to complete one of the two Time Trials. Neither of them are particularly easier than than the other, so go to whichever one is in an area you’re more comfortable exploring. The map below details where exactly you’ll find the beginning of these Time Trials.

Time Trial Locations in Fortnite C2S6W6

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Weeping Woods: You can find this Time Trial on the bridge on the northern edge of Weeping Woods. It takes you down the river that winds around the entire forest.

Coral Castle: This Time Trial is near the middle of the area in the shallow water. You’ll find it directly West of the plane that crashed into the water.

When you engage one of the Time Trials, the timer will start. You need to quickly swim to each successive Time Trial icon to add time and finish the quest. It’s easiest to do this is you eat a Hot Pepper or Spicy Fish before you start, as this will greatly increase your swimming speed.

If you reach the end of the Trial before time runs out, the quest will be marked as complete in your log. If time ran out, you can return to the start of the trial and try again.

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