The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent is a World Quest that takes you on an Enkanomiya exploration trip and ends all the way back to Watatsumi Island. Players can automatically unlock this quest by completing The Entrance to Tokoyo.

This World Quest is essential in guiding your exploration through the rest of Enkanomiya, as it lights up the World Map, enables the ability to switch between Evernight and Whitenight, and unlocks the Bathysmal Vishap Herd World Boss.

Meet Enjou

Upon activating the quest, follow the quest marker to multiple destinations, eventually leading you to a clearing with an Abyss Mage and some Hilichurls. Defeat them to unlock the nearby mechanism.

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Attack the triangular mechanism to activate it, which will also change the symbol on its core from a cube to a triangular shape. The door to the ruins behind it will then open. Head inside and go up the second floor to meet an NPC, who will formally introduce himself as Enjou.

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He tells you that he’s a scholar tasked to help you translate ancient Byakuyakoku script. After speaking with him, interact with the Investigate spot in front of the wall beside Enjou. Doing so will light up Enkanomiya on your World Map, which will allow you easily navigate the region. It will also unlock The Light of Day Achievement called …You Do Not Know the Night…

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Obtain the Golden Bridle

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After, proceed with finding the Golden Bridle at the back of the library, which the quest marker will lead you toward. You’ll encounter a trial puzzle that involves moving a stone wall using the triangular mechanisms.

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There are two mechanisms in the area. Attack the one in front of the ruin first, then attack the one on the right. This should open up a pathway leading to the Chest that contains the Golden Bridle.

Once that’s done, head back to the library and speak with Enjou, who’ll ask you to meet up with him at the door to the Dainichi Mikoshi. Follow the quest marker until you reach the area.

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Obtaining the Reins of Revival

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Once inside, you’ll be prompted to use the Golden Bridle to switch Enkanomiya from Whitenight to Evernight. And upon switching to Evernight, a Sinshade—an afterimage of the past—named Aru will appear and challenge you to the next trial. It involves retrieving three Reins of Revival, which will be fused with the Golden Bridle to unlock the base of the Dainichi Mikoshi.

You’ll receive three subquests to obtain the Reins of Revival Fragments from three areas. Follow our guides on how to solve the puzzles in each area:

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Boss Battle

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After obtaining all three Fragments, head back to the Dainichi Mikoshi and speak to Aru. Give him all three Fragments plus the Golden Bridle. They’ll be fused together to form a triangular elevator, which you can interact with to drop down to the base of the structure.

Before dropping down, make sure to come prepared as there’s a two-part battle waiting for you. It’s important to bring a Hydro applicator for the second battle. You won’t have time to switch teams in-between!

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Upon dropping down, you’ll be greeted by a Bathysmal Vishap Herd (three of them!), which can be attacked with any Element. They’re pretty tanky but don’t have annoying battle mechanics.

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After the Vishaps are eliminated, Enjou will appear, only for him to reveal himself to be a member of the Abyss Order: the Pyro Abyss Herald. You can attack the Herald with any Element during the first phase. But once his HP is low enough, he puts on a powerful Pyro shield that can only be neutralized with Elemental Reactions—Vaporize (using Hydro) being the strongest.

Returning to Tsuyuko

Once the Abyss Herald is defeated, pick up a Bloodbranch Coral from one of the slain Vishaps. It will unlock The Light of Day Achievement called Fire Rat’s Robe, Dragon-Head Pearl, Sacred Offering Bowl, and… Deliver the Quest Item to Tsuyuko in Watatsumi Island to complete the World Quest.

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