Stolen, by the Rightful Owner is a World Quest that can be accepted in The Chasm after completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering. At the entrance of The Chasm, you’ll find a bard from Monstadt named Taliesin. A blue exclamation mark will appear over his head, indicating that he has a World Quest for you. Talk to him to initiate Stolen, by the Rightful Owner.

Your goal is to find the precious ring that he stole but was stolen from him by a Weasel somewhere in The Chasm. Follow the quest marker to Glaze Peak, where you’ll find a Treasure Hoarder tent with a sparkling book.

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The book contains the Treasure Hoarders’ notes, which specify the Weasel feeding schedule. Your goal is to find the Golden Weasel, which only appears from 00:00 to 1:59. Change your in-game time accordingly, then head to the nearby glowing Investigate spot and interact with it to whistle.

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After whistling, the Golden Weasel will appear from the burrows. Attack it to obtain a Brass Ring. But act fast, as the Weasel moves very quickly. Once that’s done, bring the ring back to Taliesin to complete the World Quest.

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