The Siofra River Well is a large area located underground in Elden Ring. At first, it seems like a beautiful landscape with some tough enemies, but there is actually a puzzle to complete the area. So, how do you complete the Siofra River Well puzzle?

After riding the first lift down to the Siofra River Well Depths, you will come across a large open area with a Site of Grace called the Siofra River Bank. You will see a large stone tablet with a fire pit in front of the Site of Grace. Approach it, and a prompt will come up to light it.

Lighting the Flames

There are six total flames you must light to complete the puzzle. The torches on the steps located to the right of the Siofra River Bank will also light up as you light the stone tablets. The locations of the tablets can be seen below.

Image by GameTips.PRO

You will have to defeat some Ancestral Followers and avoid lightning orbs, but you can quickly complete the puzzle if you navigate the area well. After lighting all the flames:

  1. Go up the steps to the Hallowhorn Grounds.
  2. Approach the large beast at the end, and a prompt will come up to touch the remains.
  3. Get ready for a boss fight with the Ancestor Spirit.

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