The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees is the third part of the Through the Mists questline, bringing to light more haunting secrets hiding beneath Tsurumi Island’s mists. Unlock this World Quest one real-time day after completing Octave of the Maushiro.

Concerned about the previous days’ events, you and Paimon head over to Ritou to speak with Kama, who’s been in charge of ferrying you to Tsurumi Island. His ancestor was once a native of the island but fled after disagreeing with sacrificing a child to the Thunderbird. 

You learn of who the child is, and in distress, Paimon convinces you to head back to the island and stop the sacrificial ceremony—which you had helped with earlier in the questline—hoping to halt the child’s neverending cycle of suffering.

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Clearing The Mist

Head over to Tsurumi Island and use the area in the mini-map highlighted by the quest marker to guide you to cross the gate. Doing so will clear the mist in all but three points: Autake Plains, Chirai Shrine, and Shirikoro Peak.

Your goal is to find Ruu, so follow the quest marker to go deeper into Tsurumi Island. You’ll encounter illusions of Ipe and Makiri making offerings to the perch. Paimon comes up with the idea of destroying the perches in hopes that doing so would stop the ceremony.

Destroy The Perches

Attack the perch in front of you, which is essentially the giant tree glowing with Electro. Once its HP is about halfway gone, it will release Electro Orbs in the surrounding area. You can use Elemental Sight or view the mini-map to help you locate them.

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The Electro Orbs will dissipate after reacting with another Element—particularly Pyro, Cryo, Geo, and Anemo. Meanwhile, Hydro, Electro, and Physical Damage do not affect the Orbs, so bring in a character that can release one of the correct Elements. 

After, head back to the perch and continue attacking until it’s completely destroyed. Do the same for all three perches in Chirai Shrine, Autake Plains, and Shirikoro Peak.

Completing The Quest

After destroying all three perches, head to the Moshiri Ceremonial Site to ensure that the sacrifice to the Thunderbird doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, a huge storm engulfs the area, prompting you and Paimon to flee.

Follow the quest marker to locate Ruu, only to find that he’s incredibly upset that you stopped the ceremony and incurred the Thunderbird’s wrath—evident by the storm. Head back to Sumida in Inazuma City to report your experience. Together, you’ll speak with Kama, and the World Quest will end after completing the dialogue.

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