To complete the Schawrzeggar Challenge in Bitlife, you must complete the following objectives.

  • Be born a male in Austria.
  • Emigrate to the United States.
  • Go to the gym 40+ years in a row.
  • Become a famous movie star.
  • Become governor.

To begin this week’s challenge, start by creating a character and choosing male as your sex and pick Austria as your birthplace. We also recommend rerolling your character until you have good looks of around 70+. This is because you will need to become a famous movie star, and the best way is to have high looks.

Once you create your character with high looks, age to the point where you finish high school while also going to the gym via the gym option every year you age – this will become important later, and you will need to do it for a total of 40+ years.

When you finish high school, we recommend finding a decent starting job to get enough money to emigrate to the United States to complete the next objective. You can emigrate via the option listed under the activities tab. Before emigrating we also recommend going to college for political science to make becoming a governor easier when you get to that objective.

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That said, after emigrating, you will then need to find the job called voiceover actor and applying to it. If you don’t see it, restart your app or age up once until it shows up under the listing. 

If you find the job and get it, you will then need to work hard to get promoted to an actor – this should take about six years. Keep working hard, and eventually, you will become a famous movie star after becoming a lead actor – all it takes is hard work and a few years at this point. 

 That said, once you become a famous movie star, you will then need to run for governor to complete the last objective for this challenge.

You can run for office via the option under the careers, and doing so will require you to have a ton of money to spend on a campaign budget. Put enough money into your campaign, and you should win with no problem. However, we recommend having a high smart stat along with starting with the school board office and slowly working your way up to the governor’s office.

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