Triumphs are a great way to keep one busy in Destiny 2. They add a layer of nuance to each Season and if players can complete a specific set, they get a snazzy title to go with it. However, some of them are a little more difficult to get than others, like the Salty Smith.

What is the Salty Smith Triumph in Destiny 2?

Salty Smith requires Guardians to unlock patterns for three weapons from Season of Plunder. This means that Guardians will need to unlock the weapon crafting patterns for three unique weapons. Each weapon will require five patterns to be extracted, so it will be a total of 15 for this Triumph. The most reliable way to farm Season of Plunder weapons is to play Ketchcrash and Expeditions.

Season of Plunder Weapons

  • Seasonal Themed Weapons
    • No Reprieve – Stasis Kinetic Shotgun
    • Blood Feud – Stasis Kinetic SMG
    • Tarnished Mettle – Arc Energy Scout Rifle
    • Brigand’s Law – Arc Energy Sidearm
    • Sailspy Pitchglass – Arc Power Linear Fusion Rifle
    • Planck’s Stride – Arc Power Machine Gun
  • King’s Fall Raid Weapons
    • Smite of Merain – Kinetic Pulse Rifle
    • Defiance of Yasmin – Kinetic Sniper Rifle
    • Midha’s Reckoning – Arc Energy Fusion Rifle
    • Zaouli’s Bane – Solar Energy Hand Cannon
    • Doom of Chelchis – Void Energy Scout Rifle
    • Quillim’s Terminus – Stasis Power Machine Gun
  • Miscellaneous Season 18 Craftable Weapons
    • Ammit AR2 – Solar Energy Auto Rifle
    • Taipan-4fr – Void Power Linear Fusion Rifle

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