There’s an array of hidden objectives that players can find in Teyvat, one of which lives in Watatsumi Island. In the area circling the Sangonomiya Shrine, you’ll encounter strange Pirate Symbols that resemble an Oni.

Unlock their secrets to score yourself a whole bunch of Chests—including an elusive Precious Chest.

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Start by heading southwest of Bourou Village, on the location marked above. There, you’ll find a cave with a makeshift table and something glowing atop it.

Interact with the glowing object—the Treasure Hoarder’s Notes—which describes a person named Rinzou who allegedly hid treasures across the island and marked their positions with symbols. This will initiate the hidden objective: find those symbols and hoard the treasures that lie beneath!

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In total, there are eight Pirate Symbols scattered across Watatsumi Island. Their locations are circled on the image above. Upon discovering them, you want to look for a Dig interaction nearby. It will prompt a Common Chest to appear.

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Unfortunately, not all Pirate Symbols will contain a Chest, as Treasure Hoarders have beat you to some locations. They will still prompt dialogue interactions with Paimon, so make sure to visit all eight locations.

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After interacting with all eight Pirate Symbols, head to the area northeast of Sangonomiya Shrine and southwest of Suigetsu Pool—in the area marked with a circle above.

There, you’ll encounter pesky Treasure Hoarders guarding a locked Chest. Defeat them to unlock the Exquisite Chest, which you must interact with to obtain a hidden quest item: Rinzou’s Letter. The letter details the experiences of the legendary pirate, Rinzou, as he retired from his treasure-hoarding lifestyle.

After obtaining the Letter, head back to the cave southwest of Bourou Village, where you initially found the Treasure Hoarder’s Notes. A new Dig interaction will appear in front of the makeshift table. Interact with it to prompt a Precious Chest to Appear.

Completing this hidden objective will unlock the Achievement A Distant Sea Sheperd’s Treasure.

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