To complete the Red Queen challenge in Bitlife, you will need to beat the following objectives.

  • Become a Queen
  • Stay married for 25+ years
  • Own a haunted royal estate
  • Make 10+ friends
  • Use 10+ different execution methods to kill your friends

To start the Red Queen challenge in Bitlife, you will need to create a female character in a country with a royal family and become a queen. 

You can become a queen through marriage to someone next in line or being born as one. The latter is a sporadic occurrence, so you are better off trying to find a royal through dating apps until one eventually shows up. 

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Plus, if you do this method in a country with a royal family, its chances of success increase.

That said, once you met a royal family member, marry them and stay married for 25+ years. When you are married for 25+ years, you will then need to buy a haunted royal estate. 

You can purchase an estate that falls under this category via the relator tab – under this tab, the house will be called a haunted estate or something similar.

Purchase the house and then proceed to make 10+ friends. You can do this by giving people gifts, being nice to fill up a relationship bar. When the bar is full, ask them to be your friend via the relationship tab to make them your friend. 

Once you have your friends, you will then need to execute 10 people, which can be done via the option under royal activities. However, make sure to execute all 10 people using a different method each time, or the objective will not be completed.

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