Soulstice is a spectacle fighter game that focuses on two sisters, Briar and Lute. They explore together, discover their land’s history together, and even fight alongside one another. However, while traversing the level Echoes from the Past, there is a tricky puzzle that brings the player’s exploration to a halt. Come join us as we discover how to complete the red crystal room in Soulstice.

How do you complete the red crystal room in Soulstice?

How do you complete the red crystal room?

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This room can be found in the Side Passageway section of Ildenmere Bridge, in the interior of the castle. It contains a blue Motherlode, which grants extra Residue if destroyed quickly. It also holds several red crystals, which can be destroyed by activating the Banishment Field and attacking them. Once these tasks are complete, it appears as if your job is done, but there is one more crystal that must be destroyed.

This crystal is a Cobalt Vein, and must be destroyed with the Evocation Field, similar to the Motherlode. It is in the left section of the room and is suspended in the air. To locate this crystal, walk to the left edge of the room, up against the barrier. The Cobalt Vein emits a faint outline when you are close to it, revealing its positioning. To destroy it, activate the Evocation Field, double jump, then attack the crystal. Once the Cobalt Vein, Motherlode, and red crystals have been destroyed, you can now progress to the next area.

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