To complete the Polymath Challenge, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Have 100% Health, Happiness, Smarts, and Looks
  • Have 100% proficiency in 5+ instruments
  • Obtain the highest belt in 2+ Martial Arts
  • Have perfect relationships with 10+ friends
  • Spend 20+ years in 2 different careers

Completing BitLife’s Polymath Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the steps below.

How to have 100% Health, Happiness, Smarts, and Looks in BitLife?

For Smarts and Looks to be 100%, you must make sure your character has such features at birth. If not, reroll till you find such a life or customize using the god mode. The Health meter can reach 100% by visiting various Gyms and Spas from time to time. Also, do not indulge in harmful activities like smoking or drinking that could hamper your health. Now, for Happiness, do activities that suit your character, have meaningful relationships, and earn a lot of money. With time, even the Happiness parameter will reach 100%.

How to have 100% proficiency in 5+ instruments in BitLife

As soon as you turn 6, you can start taking music/instrument lessons. Visit the Mind & Body section under the Activities tab to join the classes. Choose any five instruments of your choice and stick with them. With time and effort, you will reach 100% proficiency by the end of high school. Also, remember, your family must be a little wealthy to spend money on five different music classes. 

 Activities > Mind & Body > Instruments > Choose an option.

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How to obtain the highest belt in 2+ Martial Arts in BitLife

Along with music classes, also join any two Martial Arts academies when you turn eight. You can enroll for these classes under the same Mind & Body section under the Activities tab. Like the music classes, keep practicing again and again, and you will reach the highest belt in your martial art training. 

Activities > Mind & Body > Martial Arts > Choose an option.

How to have perfect relationships with 10+ friends in BitLife?

To max out your relationship meter with 10+ friends, you need to have ten friends in the first place. Start making friends within your school or work circle. Now, after getting more than ten friends, start giving them compliments and gifts. Go out clubbing or shopping as well. Once your bond increases, you will reach 100% perfect relationship status with each one of them.

How to spend 20+ years in 2 different careers inside BitLife?

Go to a university and get a degree in any major of your choice. Use that degree to get a job in the field of your work. Remain in that industry for the next 20 years before quitting it for good. Now, try to find a job in an entirely different industry that requires less educational requirements, like a Waitress or Carpenter. Journey on that path for another 20 or more years to complete the Polymath Challenge in BitLife.

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