The realm of Enkanomiya is filled to the brim with World Quests for players to find, with each one offering a look into the mysterious history of this enigmatic land. Most of its lore is hidden away behind trials overseen by various Shades—manifested memories of the deceased inhabitants of Enkanomiya, alive during a time when the land was known as Byakuyakoku.

One such World Quest that players should seek out is Phaethon’s Syrtos, a quest given to the player by a Shade named Clymene. Clymene was the caretaker to the Sunchildren, a group of seven children that acted as a governing force in Byakuyakoku, and were an integral part of the rituals practiced there. She’s having trouble contacting the Shades of the Sunchildren, and so requests the Traveller’s assistance in mending the souls of the long-departed rulers.

Phaethon’s Syrtos can be a bit of a tricky World Quest to complete, though, so we’ve put together a step-by-step by guide to help out. Here’s how to complete the Phaethon’s Syrtos World Quest in Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact.

Phaethon’s Syrtos

While exploring Evernight Temple, players may have stumbled up a shielded door on the southern end of the island. Clymene can be found behind this door, and speaking with her will initiate the Phaethon’s Syrtos World Quest. But, in order to reach her, players must first find two nearby Seelie. The locations of the Seelie are as follows:

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  • Seelie Locations
    • One: Atop a broken pillar to the East of shielded door
    • Two: At the end of a broken bridge to the East of the shielded door

Sunchildren Tombs Locations

Speak with Clymene and she’ll tell the Traveller a bit of lore regarding the Sunchildren and Byakuyakoku. Once she’s finished, Clymene requests for the Traveller to visit seven tombs across Enkanomiya and offer up one Sango Pearl at each tomb. The locations of the seven Sunchildren Tombs are as follows:

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  • The Narrows
    • One: In a clearing to the South-West of the Library
    • Two: In a clearing to the East of the Library
  • Dainichi Mikoshi
    • Three: On a cliff near a large broken pillar to the South of the Dainichi Mikoshi
  • The Serpent’s Heart
    • Four: On a cliff to the West of the Serpent’s Heart Temple
    • Five: On a cliff to the East of the Serpent’s Heart Temple
  • Evernight Temple
    • Six: On a cliff to the West of the Evernight Temple
    • Seven: On a cliff near a large broken pillar to the South of the Evernight Temple

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Soul Guide’s Locus and the Divine Bridle

Once a Sango Pearl has been placed at each of the tombs, head back to Evernight Temple and speak with Clymene. She’ll claim that all seven Soul Lamps have been lit and she can now open the Soul Guide’s Locus, asking the player to meet her there. Walk on the glowing path to cause the Soul Guide’s Locus to appear, then speak to Clymene once again.

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Clymene attempts to contact the seven Sunchildren but is unsuccessful, noting that she requires the aid of a certain powerful item called the Divine Bridle. Complete the Hyperion’s Dirge World Quest to obtain the Divine Bridle, then return to Clymene and speak with her one final time. She is able to finally find closure by using the Divine Bridle and thanks the Traveller, completing the quest. The Sunchildren manifest as Shades and scatter across Enkanomiya, however, giving players a new hunt to embark on.

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