“Come for me, Warrior of Light. I will finish what Crota began.” Despite his demise in the original King’s Fall raid in Destiny, the Taken King Oryx has returned and is ready to tussle with the Guardians and their newfound powers. However, Oryx comes with his own challenge mode as well that Guardians must overcome for rewards galore.

What is the Oryx Challenge in destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid?

The Oryx Challenge requires Guardians to save all 16 blight bombs and detonate them simultaneously to deal full damage to Oryx. In other words, the Fireteam must kill the Ogres and save the blight bombs for a fourth damage sequence.

Guardians will need to go through four cycles to get all 16 orbs ready. The fight against Oryx is an involved one, so patience and communication will go a long way here. Ideally, your Fireteam will have roles and positions confirmed and ready to go before entering the fight. This encounter was widely considered one of, if not the, hardest encounter in Destiny. Good luck!

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