Today is Saturday, so you know what that means! The new weekly challenge for Bitlife has just dropped, and it is called the Mothers day challenge. 

How to complete the Bitlife Mothers Day Challenge

To complete the Bitlife Mothers Day Challenge, you must complete the following steps below. 

  • Be kind to your Mother.
  • Buy your mother a house.
  • Mother 3+ children.
  • Buy each of your children a house.
  • Have a perfect relationship with each of your children. 

If you want to complete the Bitlife Mothers Day Challenge, you must first create a female character, as this will be important for one of the objectives. After this, you will then need to age up, but while doing so, you must take steps to have a perfect relationship with your mother. 

You can do this by giving her compliments, gifts, and other nice actions other than her relationship tab, but along with this, you will need to gift her a house. To do this, all you need to do is buy any house from the relator tab in the go shopping, and click on it under assets, and then use the gift option. 

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Once you completed both of these objectives, the next step is to have three children yourself and have both a perfect relationship and buy each of them a house. To do this, you must first get pregnant three times, which you can do by having sex with someone. Eventually, you make get a pop-up stating that you are pregnant, and will have an option to keep the baby. After this, the rest is the same steps as before, but just with each of your kids. 

That being said, be nice to them, buy them gifts, and buy each of them a house using the gift option and you will complete the Mother’s day challenge in Bitlife

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