Lotus Eater is a World Quest that starts after discovering the afterimage of Supada no Hiko in the middle of the temple in The Serpent’s Heart. Make sure to complete the prerequisite puzzle and change your daylight setting to Evernight to automatically obtain this quest.

Meeting Supada no Hiko

Start by speaking to the afterimage of ???, who has forgotten his identity, in The Serpent’s Heart. Help him discover his roots by interacting with the Stone Tablet in front of the railing not covered by a transparent wall. After, you discover that he’s Spartacus—or Supada no Hiko. He asks you to find the children who trained under him as members of the resistance. Before proceeding, make sure to change your daylight setting to Whitenight.

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Solving the Lantern Puzzle

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Follow the quest marker to The Narrows, where you’ll find three triangular mechanisms and three lanterns. All of the lanterns will start off completely pulled down, which we’ll refer to as their base position. Hit each of the triangular mechanisms with a Normal Attack to activate them. Doing so will cause the lanterns to lift up.

From the base position, attack triangular mechanism A twice to force the leftmost lantern upward twice. Then move triangular mechanism C once to force the rightmost lantern up once. Your lanterns should be positioned the same way as the image above—if not, make adjustments by attacking them to match the reference.

Keep in mind that if you need to hit each of the triangular mechanisms first to activate them before positioning the lanterns. If you fail to attack the middle, the puzzle won’t solve.

Meeting Adonis

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Enter the now-open door behind the puzzle, where you’ll find a day-night switch mechanism. Interact with it to change to Evernight. After, follow the quest marker inside the ruin to find the afterimage of Adonis. Speak with him and select option two: “After the sun, the darkness starts…”

Before leaving the area, make sure to open the Common Chest behind Adonis to obtain the Quest Item called Secret Room Key.

Cultivating the Dragonbone Flower

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Follow the quest marker to Evernight Temple and interact with the water to obtain the Waters of Lethe. After, follow the quest marker to The Serpent’s Bowels and climb the giant Dragonbone Flower. Head to the center of the flower and interact with it to offer the Waters of Lethe. A cutscene will prompt.

Wait one real-time day for the Dragonbone Flower to condense, then head back to the same spot to pick up a Dragonbone Orb. You can choose to keep the Orb in your Inventory (doing so won’t hinder the World Quest from completing) or sell it to any of these shops for a small amount of Mora.

  • Monstadt: With Wind Comes Glory
  • Liyue: Xingu Antiques
  • Inazuma: Netsuke no Gen Crafts

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