To rescue a lion and complete the Lion Tamer achievement in Bitlife, you will first need to create a character and pick a country in Africa or any country that historically has had lions in its region.

These countries have a higher rate of encountering lions while players go on walks in the game. Because of this, the first step to getting the Lion Tamer achievement is to start by creating a character born in one of these countries.

We recommend starting by picking a country such as Monaco, Congo, and Ethiopia. Once your character is created, age up until you have the full mind and body activities tab unlocked. When everything is unlocked, you will then need to click the mind and body activity tab.

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Under Mind and Body, you will need to look for the option called go on a walk. Clicking this option will give you a wide range of options to customize the duration and the type of walk you can go on.

We recommend picking any type of walk and increasing the duration to around two to one hour at a time. You will need to keep going on walks around this time range until you eventually encounter a lion.

When you encounter the lion, you will have an option to rescue them if you get the right encounter. Choose the correct option to rescue the lion when you encounter one, and complete the Lion Tamer achievement in Bitlife.

You can also get the lion encounter by simply aging up, but overall animal encounters, in general, are extremely rare. Because of this, you will find yourself either going on tons of walks or aging up until you get the encounter.

There’s also a method laid out by a Reddit post that claims: if you play the game like you are trying to get the lazy achievement, you will get more pop-ups.

The post further claims that getting more pop-ups will allow you to get the lion encounter at a faster rate. We tested it out personally and the game does seem to have more pop-ups, so we recommend using the method at your discretion.

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