To complete the Land, Sea, and Air challenge in Bitlife, you must complete the following objectives in the game.

  • Assemble a car collection worth $1m+
  • Assemble a watercraft collection worth $1m+
  • Assemble an aircraft collection worth $1m+
  • Survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats or planes

To start the challenge, we recommend first creating a character with the goal of finding a job to make a ton of money fast.

Because of this, we recommend trying for a CEO position or something similar, as you will need to buy a lot of stuff to complete the first three objectives. 

To complete the first objective, you will need to buy many expensive cars to amass a collection worth a total of one million dollars.

That being said, we recommend buying the most expensive cars on the list in the car dealerships until you have a collection worth 1 million. You can also find car dealerships under the go shopping tab under assets.

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The next objective is similar, just for boats this time. So after you got a car collection worth one million, repeat the same steps with boats. 

However, you will need to pass a boat test before you can buy them. After that, you will then need to buy and amass an aircraft collection worth one million to complete the third objective.

Once all three one-million-dollar collection objects are done, you will then need to survive a dangerous encounter with either the boat or planes.

To do this, you will need to take either the boat out or the plane until a dangerous encounter happens. This one is a bit up to RNG, so you may need to take multiple trips with both the plane or boat until an event happens.

When it does finally happen, you will survive it to complete the last objective, which you can if you know how to swim. This is because learning how to swim will give you an increased chance to survive the dangerous encounter.

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