Today is Saturday, so you know what that means! The new weekly challenge for Bitlife has just dropped, and it is called the Kentucky Derby Challenge.

How to complete the Bitlife Kentucky Derby Challenge 

To complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in Bitlife, you will need to complete and the following objectives.

  • Own an equestrian property 
  • Own +5 horses
  • Own a horse named Secretariat 
  • Win bets on +5 horses

To start the Kentucky Derby Challenge, you will first need to buy an equestrian property. This part is easy as all you need to do is buy an equestrian property from a realtor under the go shopping tab in assets.

However, keep in mind these houses are expensive, so it might be a good idea to make some money with a really good job so you can afford the property.

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That said, once you get the equestrian property, you will then need to buy a total of five horses. This objective is also an easy one, as you can buy horses from a horse ranch under the pet tab. You may also need to own a equestrian property before you can get horses from the horse ranch tab under pets.

Now to complete the next objective, all you need to do is name one of your horses Secretariat, which you can do when you buy a horse. Moving on, once you got a total of five horses and one called Secretariat, you will need to visit the horse track under activities and place a total of five bets and wind all of them.

This part will be a bit more tricky to complete, as winning bets is mostly up to luck. Because of this, we recommend having a ton of money so you can place a ton of bets until you win a total of five bets. 

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