In Ghostwire Tokyo, players will come across several Side Missions where stealth will be the key element to capture various Spirits and Yokai. Karakasa-Kozo is one of the earliest Side Missions, and it acclimatizes players with sneaky movement for specific situations. 

Players will find a young girl’s spirit near a park, far west of the Shiroyama Shrine, interact with her to start the Karakasa-Kozo Side Mission. As a part of the objective, you will have to catch the umbrella Yokai. However, alerting it will require players to start this mission over again. The best method to capture it is to stay crouched and use the Spectral Vision to figure out the Yokai’s movement. Crouch walk to sneak up behind the Yokai, and capture it when it’s distracted. 

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Karakasa-Kozo Side Mission is simple enough, but players will face similar stealth-based objectives, which can feel repetitive if you are not sneaking around the enemy. After completing this Side Mission, you will receive 1000 Meika and 1x Magamata as a reward.

Players will come across various other Side Missions where stealth will be the key to progress. For instance, the Kappa Side Mission north of the Kuo Shrine requires players to catch the Yokai by setting a bait. If the Kappa spots players, then they have to restart the mission once again. Therefore, players need to be stealthy to progress through similar Side Missions quickly.

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