When it comes to Destiny, the game is overflowing with secrets to uncover, special items to collect, and collectibles to find. And for Season of the Lost, Bungie loaded up their newest content with plenty of them. The new season brought in a new area to explore, known as the Shattered Realm. Here, guardians will align beacons in order to rescue Queen Mara Sov’s Lost Techeuns.

But in addition to this main quest, these areas are filled with secret rooms and hidden collectibles. Most of these are connected to new triumphs, which are always a fun challenge for completionists. One such triumph is called The Intruder. If you have still been looking for this one, it is in the Forest of Echoes.

The Lost Intruder Triumph

When you first open up this triumph, the only indicator for where this is located is as follows: A cache of data awaits you near the Well. This is all you get and if you have never explored this area before, it can be difficult to understand what that means and where to look. Here are the steps.

Step One

Head to the cathedral, like you normally would, to progress the mission. Align the beacon, so that all the special activators in the area (True Sight, Barrier Breach, or Safe Passage) are unlocked. Next, leave through the front of the cathedral. On the opposite side of the entrance, there will be a True Sight activation totem on a rock. From here, if you look across the gap, you will see what is left of a ruined part of a city (see image below). This is where the Well is.

To get over there, activate the True Sight totem you are standing next to and take the path that appears in front of you. Once you are across you can jump on a few rocks to get to the ruined city area. There will be a few enemies, but nothing too challenging.

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Step Two

Once you have defeated the Taken that spawn here, look to the far end. You should see the well and a statue (see below). The well is circled in red.

Next, follow the path of the arrow behind the statue and you will see another True Sight totem in the corner of the area.

Activate this totem and then turn around. In the closest ruined building, just above eye level, you should see a small orb with little lights on it appear. This is the cache you are looking for. Going up to it and interacting with it will collect the cache and complete the triumph.

A quick reminder for locating other caches: sometimes you must activate a True Sight totem in order for the cache to appear. This is what makes collecting these so challenging, yet so fun.

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