The Hyperion’s Dirge is a World Quest that tells the story of the Dainichi Mikoshi, which was constructed by Aberaku to enable Byakuyakoku (Enkanomiya) to see daylight—a phenomenon that would protect them from the Bathysmal Vishaps.

There are three prerequisites to this World Quest:

  • Narrow Inquiry
  • Temple Inquiry
  • Serpent’s Heart

Once you’re done with all three of the above World Quests, you should have the following items in your Inventory:

  • Offerings of The Narrow
  • Offerings of the Temple
  • Offerings of the Serpent’s Heart

If you don’t have any of the Quest Items, go back to the corresponding locations as you may have forgotten to speak with Aberaku to claim them. When you’re all set, head to the entrance of the Dainichi Mikoshi during Evernight—the exact location is circled in the map below.

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Once there, you’ll find two Ruin Graders with a locked Exquisite Chest in-between. Defeat the two enemies and light up the Pyro Torches to reveal a narrow entrance to a secret room behind them.

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Inside the room, you’ll find the afterimage of Aberaku and three blank pillars behind him. Interact with each of the pillars to place the Offerings. A cutscene will play, and an Enkanomiya Phase Gate will appear in the middle of the room.

Approach the Phase Gate, which will take you to the very top of the Dainichi Mikoshi. This will unlock the Wonders of the World Achievement called Light and Dark, Dusk and Dawn.

Speak with the afterimage of Aberaku once again, and he’ll reveal the cruelty behind the exploitation of the Dainichi Mikoshi and the appointment of puppet Sunchildren to fool the people of Byakuyakoku. You’ll be rewarded with a Divine Bridle, which is a Quest Item for The Phaethons’ Syrtos World Quest.

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