To complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Be born in Califonia
  • Panhandle for 5+ years
  • Scam 15+ people with the VIP ticket scam
  • Become a famous actor
  • Win 2 Bitty Awards

Completing BitLife’s Hollywood Hustler Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the steps below.

How to be born in California in BitLife

To be born in California, create a character of any gender, and select any city from California, like Los Angels or San Diego, as your birthplace.

How to Pandhandle in BitLife

Firstly, you will need to buy the Street Hustler and Actor Pack to complete the challenges in the Hollywood Hustler Challenge. Now, after starting your life, age up until you reach 18. Visit the Special Careers tab under the Occupation section and select any street to start hustling. After picking a block, choose Panhandle as your primary job. Do this for a total of 5 years to finish the second objective in the challenge.

Occupation > Special Careers > Street HustlerChoose your Street > Panhandler.

How to scam people with the VIP ticket in BitLife

After finishing your Panhandling objectives, you must scam people with VIP tickets. This is an advanced form of scam, so you will not be able to access it immediately. Start with something basic, like the Bump-and-Grab-Scam, and perform the task repeatedly to improve your scamming skills. When you reach 50% of your scamming skills, you will be able to access intermediate scamming techniques. By 90%, you will be able to use advanced techniques like using the VIP ticket. Perform the scam on more than 15 people to complete the third task in the challenge.

How to become an Actor in BitLife

To become an actor in BitLife, you must have high looks and take acting lessons at a young age. While creating the character, ensure your avatar has a rating of more than 90% or keep rerolling. After that, you must start taking acting lessons under the Minds & Body section when you turn eight years old.

Activities > Mind & Body > Acting Lessons.

Make sure you are a member of your school drama club and keep improving your acting skills. By the time you turn 18, your acting skills should be near 100%, if not at least above 95%. Now, visit the Special Careers tab and select the Actor section. Hire a Talent Manger for $1.5K, and the agent will start pitching you Acting offers. With time and more screentime in movies or TV shows, you will become a famous actor in the BitLife universe.

How to win Bitty Awards in BitLife

Winning a Bitty Award in BitLife is a complicated task as it boils down to several factors. Firstly, the script and the character you choose must fit your age and acting style. Moreover, you need to develop and practice your character from the occupation menu. If everything turns out well, you will be nominated for the Bitty Awards for one role or another. Do this a total of two times to successfully complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife.

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