Today is Saturday, so you know what that means! The new weekly challenge for Bitlife has just dropped, and it is called the Harley Quinn Challenge.

How to complete the Bitlife Harley Quinn Challenge

To complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in Bitlife, you will need to do the following. 

  • Be born a female in the United States
  • Practice gymnastics 
  • Work as a psychiatrist 
  • Rob a bank with a croquet mallet 
  • Escape from Prison

To start the Harley Quinn Challenge, you will first need to create a female character who is born in the United States. To do this, simply create a female character and choose the U.S as your birthplace. 

Next, you will need to join the gymnastics team at your school by choosing it under after-school activities. After this, you will need to become a psychiatrist, which you can do by going to college and picking psychology as your major

However, in order to become a psychiatrist, you will need to go to medical school after you graduate from college and have high smarts. That said, you can go to medical school by enrolling in it after you graduate from college, and you can have high smarts by reading a lot of books and going to the library.

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Once you are a psychiatrist, you will then need to rob a bank using a croquet mallet by choosing it as your weapon option. That said, click crime under activities and then bank robbery to get this done, and after it, you will need to escape from prison.

To do this last objective, all you need to do is click the option to escape once you are incarcerated and outrun a guard in a maze. However, this can be tricky depending on the level, but luckily we have a helpful guide linked above if you should run into problems escaping prison. 

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