To complete the Goodfellas Challenge in Bitlife, you must achieve the following objectives listed below. 

  • Be born a male in New York
  • Join the Italian Mafia 
  • Make it to underboss
  • Whack 5+ mobsters
  • Become an Informant
  • Enter the witness protection program

To start the Goodfellas challenge in Bitlife, you will first need to create a male character born in New York. This is simple, create a male character and choose the United States and New York as your birth location. 

After this, you will then need to commit crimes and build up a reputation for committing crimes until you are 18. The key to building up a criminal reputation is to commit crimes successfully every year and expand on to better and more advanced crimes as they unlock when you age. 

Do this, and you will eventually get the option to join a mafia, and when you do, you will need to join the Italian Mafia. Once you joined the mob, you will then need to commit more crimes for your family and build up both rep and notoriety, and eventually get promoted up the ranks. Follow this pattern, and you should hit underboss in no time.

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When you hit underboss, you will then need to wack five mobsters, which you can do by going into the mafia job tab and clicking on one of the members of your mob’s profile. Under their profile will be a option to wack them, however, you might run into problems if you wack them without them being accused of being a rat.

That said, after you finish murdering mobsters, you will then need to enter the witness protection program. You can do this either by finding an informant job or getting caught and being offered a chance to inform on the mob. 

If you become an informant, you will then need to slowly build up evidence on your fellow mobsters and help get them convicted. When they get convicted, you will be given a chance to enter the witness program, and upon entering the program, you will complete the last objective for this challenge. 

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