The Taken King has returned and he’s intent on showing Guardians around the world why he’s still to be feared. The King’s Fall raid has returned shortly after the release of Season 18 in Destiny 2. Along with it, the old set of challenges has reappeared. Here’s how to tackle the Golgoroth Challenge.

What is the Golgoroth Challenge in King’s Fall Raid?

There are two tried-and-true strategies for the Golgoroth Challenge, but we’re going to opt for the easier one. This is referred to as the One Orb Strategy. One Guardian will grab the gaze and jump into the pool of reclaimed light, damage Golgoroth, and then hop out. The next Fireteam member will grab the gaze before the first timer runs out and so on until all six Fireteam members have done it once. This completes a cycle. From there, clear the next wave of enemies and repeat the process.

In order for a Guardian to gain Golgoroth’s gaze, they will need to shoot the large yellow sack on Golgoroth’s back. After getting the creature’s gaze, the Guardian will need to shoot the Ogre’s Venom orbs that are fired by Golgoroth. If a Guardian is hit by one of these orbs, they will become poisoned. A well-coordinated Fireteam can double up on the orbs in play, but note that things can get pretty hairy in the pool. We advised the single-orb strategy on the first go-around.

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