To complete the Freedom challenge in Bitlife, you must complete the following challenge objectives.

  • Be born in the United States
  • Join any branch of the Military 
  • Achieve the rank of General or Admiral
  • Get deployed 3+ times
  • Serve until you’re forced to retire

To start the freedom challenge in Bitlife, you will first need to create a character born in the United States. This part of the challenge is simple, just create a character with decent athletics and all-around stats and pick the United States as your place of birth. 

Once you got your character created, you will then need to join any branch of the United States military, which means either the airforce, army or navy. You can enter any branch of the U.S military when you finish high school, so go ahead now and age up until you reach this point.

That said, once you are in either of the three branches of the military, you will then need to reach the rank of general or admiral. To this, all you need to do is age up and survive deployments, and work hard. Eventually, you will climb the ranks this way and get promoted. 

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You will also need to survive a total of three deployments to complete the next objective. You can survive these deployments by completing minesweeper mini-games and not exploding mines during them. After this objective, you will need to serve long enough in the military until you are forced to retire.

To complete this last objective, you will simply need to age and survive the army until they eventually kick you out for being too old. Do this, and you will complete this week’s challenge. 

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