There are many quests to complete in Lost Ark, including the Fragrance and Fish quest. Quests are a great way to earn experience and acquire valuable items. For the Fragrance and Fish quest, you will need to have acquired a sailing license and your first ship.

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To complete the Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark, you must go to Panda Island. Panda Island is located on the eastern side of the map, off the northern coast of Anikka. Once there, you can complete the Frangrance and Fish quest by finding three hidden spots.

Where to find the Frangrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark

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On Panda Island, you will spot an NPC named Chungshu, talk to him to get the quest. Make sure the quest is active so that you can press F5. This will read a stone tablet that provides you with the three clues. You can find the hidden paths marked by the red stars on the map above.

Simply head to each spot marked on the map and follow the paths. These will bring you to an area, and you will see a glowing circle. Stand in the circle to complete that area and move on to the next. Once you have been at all three spots, you can complete the quest and gain the following rewards.

  • Silver
  • Wisdom
  • Roster XP
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • Splendid Shard Chest

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