If you want to complete the enter your shelter challenge in Fallout 76, you will first need to create a shelter and then enter it. However, it’s worth noting that shelters are a completely different thing from your C.A.M.P in the game. So if you were traveling to your C.A.M.P and wondering why the challenge wasn’t being marked as completed, this is why.

That being said, if you want to complete this challenge, you will need to get your hands on a shelter, and you can do this by completing the quest that unlocks a free one for you. You can start and complete his quest over at Vault 51, which you can find in the area shown below.

Once you find Vault 51, you will need to talk to a Mr. Handy robot inside. After speaking to him, you will need to register on a terminal, and once you do, shelters will be unlocked and can now be built. But what are shelters in Fallout 76?

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Shelters are, in short, instanced locations that players can build and serve more or less the same purpose as C.A.M.P, with the differences being relaxed building limits, etc. You also will get your first shelter for free, but if you want other expansions, you will need to buy them via the atomic shop.

armor into a legendary one. You can also do this to reroll, and upgrade existing legendary weapons.

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