To complete the Deaf Leopard Achievement in BitLife, you will first need to get a Leopard as a pet in the game. You can get a Leopard as a pet by visiting the exotic pet dealer until you get one as the pet is available for purchase. 

Trying to get the Leopard to show up may take a few tries, but you can refresh the results by either leaving the game and relaunching or aging up. Another method is to live in a country in Africa, such as South Africa or DR Congo. 

Countries located in Africa have a higher chance of having exotic animals such as Leopards, Lions, and Gorillas. So because of this, we recommend starting a game located there or moving as soon as possible. 

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Once located in Africa, begin refreshing the exotic pet dealer tab until you get a Leopard. When you find a Leopard, purchase it and move on to the next step to getting the achievement in BitLife. 

The next step is to simply age until your new pet Leopard causes a pop-up for misbehaving. When this pop-up appears, you will have the option to yell at the Leopard, choose it, and you will get the achievement, Deaf Leopard in BitLife. 

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