Stuck on completing this quest? Well, Pro Game Guides has got you covered. This quest can be acquired at level 12 from Geertie Lother in Monarch’s Bluffs. She’ll task you with finding some wine from the Old World in some of the ships that didn’t quite make it to Aeternum. You’ll be searching the wreckage of both The Dagger and The Grey Mist for jars of wine.

The Dagger

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The Dagger can be found to the north of Monarch’s Bluffs—it is a bit of walk, though. Once you arrive, you’ll fight through the turncoat sailors while looking for supply caches and chests. You may have to open a few to find the wine, but after you’ve acquired three bottles it’s time to move on to The Grey Mist.

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The Grey Mist

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Once you’ve finished at The Dagger, The Grey Mist is not far off. All you need to do is walk to the east of the Dagger and you’ll find your way to the shipwreck. You’ll repeat the same process as you did for the Dagger, fighting off enemies and searching through caches and chests, this time looking for four bottles of wine.

After you’ve looted both shipwrecks, you’ll return to Geertie Lother to receive a reward of 790 XP, 73.5 Gold, Level 12 – Tier 2 Armor Case, and 250 Territory Standing.

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