To complete the Creeper By The Dozen Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Be born a male in New Jersey
  • Marry someone with 2+ children
  • Have 5+ of your own
  • Adopt 4+ children
  • Own a haunted mansion

Completing the Creeper By The Dozen Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating a male character from New Jersey, and then follow the steps explained in the chart below.

ObjectiveHow to Complete it
Be born a male in New JerseyTo be born as a Male in New Jersey, simply create a character, choose Male as your gender, and select the United States and Newark as your birthplace.
Marry someone with 2+ childrenTo marry someone with two kids, you will need to know their family history. The best way is to use God Mode for this particular objective. Otherwise, you need to rely on luck to meet a woman with two kids. Try to know the family hierarchy of your partner by asking her random questions regarding her from the Activities tab.
Have 5+ kids of your ownTo have 5+ kids with your spouse, you will need to have unprotected love with your wife. Also, make sure she is not on birth control pills.
Make sure you keep your wife happy during pregnancy by gifting or taking her out. Repeat the process until you have five kids of your own.
Adopt 4+ childrenTo complete the objective, you will need to use the adopt children option from the activities tab. Repeat the process until you are the parent of four children. Activities > Adoption > Choose any children.
Own a haunted mansionSimilar to the second objective, buying a haunted mansion requires a bit of luck. Visit and refresh the Real Estate Brokers section under the Shopping tab till you find such a manor. While buying the mansion, the seller will indicate whether it is a haunted one or not. Activities > Shopping > Real Estate Broker.

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