In Baldo the Guardian Owls you will be able to explore the world and complete a variety of quests. One of these quests is the Cato Cabbage Quest.

In this quest, you will have to track down two cabbages to replace the cabbages that were stolen from Mrs. Zira’s farm. Her farm lies to the south of your grandpa’s house and the tree you wake up under.

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To first hear of this quest, talk to the Farmer beside where you wake up. He will tell you that someone or something stole Mrs. Zira’s cabbages and she may need help. Go to Mrs. Zira who is standing in her field and talk to her. She will ask you to dig up other cabbages to replace them in her field. You will need the shovel to complete this task.

Talk to the Farmer and he will give you the shovel. With the shovel in hand, head back to Mrs. Zira’s farm. One cabbage lies to the right beyond the stream on the hills. Simply dig it up with the shovel and carry it back to Mrs. Zira’s field. Drop it in one of the holes. The second cabbage lies to the left on the streams on the hills. You will see another villager trying to pull the cabbage.

Use the shovel to dig up the cabbage and carry that one to the field as well. Drop it in the second hole and both cabbages will bury themselves. Mrs. Zira thanks you and gives you a heart as a reward. This will increase your life

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