To complete the animal rescue achievement in Bitlife, players will need to rescue any animal by choosing the correct option in an animal rescue encounter. Players can encounter animals they can rescue by going on walks for at least two to one hour.

After a few walks, players should eventually encounter an animal while walking around in the game. During the animal encounter, they will need to choose the option that will cause the player to attempt to rescue the animal.

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If successful, they will complete the Animal rescue challenge in the game. That said if you want to hit two birds with the proverbial one stone, we would recommend creating a character in Morocco. Doing so will allow you to complete the Lion Tamer achievement and get the animal rescue achievement done in Bitlife.

You can do this by rescuing lions when you encounter them in Morocco – players might need to encounter more than one lion to complete both achievements. Morocco also makes completing both objectives a bit easier as it seems to have a higher rate for encountering lions in the game.

But if you have trouble encountering lions in Morocco, you can either create a new character or move to a different country in Africa. Eventually, if you keep going on walks, you should encounter lions or other animals in Bitlife.

You can also try getting animal encounters by simply aging up, but overall animal encounters, are extremely rare. Because of this, you will find yourself, just either going on tons of walks or aging up until you get the encounter for animals.

There’s also a method laid out by a Reddit post that claims that you play the game like you are trying to get the lazy achievement, you will get more pop-ups.

Thus, getting more pop-ups will in turn allow you to get animal encounters at a faster rate. We tested it out personally and the game does seem to have more pop-ups, so we recommend using it at your discretion.

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