The Altar of Reflection was first introduced in the Destiny 2 campaign for the Witch Queen in 2022. It is a place where Guardians were able to view the memories of Savathun in an effort to figure out her scheme. Since then, it has come back as a Weekly Activity for Guardians to complete in order to claim Tier 1 Powerful Gear.

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Catalyst Quest

There are four weekly rotating quests for the Altar of Reflection: Catalyst, Insight, Pact, and Choice. The puzzles that must be solved are identical to the Memories of Loss and Memories of Ruin quests. However, the type of puzzle and its solution are randomized at the beginning of each quest.

There are two puzzles that Guardians may face: Rune Patterns and Cursed Pools. Rune Patterns involves looking for a pattern in the columns of runes. From there, you shoot the columns with the incorrect runes. This puzzle evolves to include the six large structures around the area, but the principle remains the same. Cursed Pools is even simpler. There will be a pattern of runes in the center of the room. Simply stand under each corresponding symbol (left to right) spread throughout the room.

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