Elden Ring contains many puzzles and secrets that we’re all trying to solve. One of these puzzles you will find in the Lurnia of the Lakes, which is North of Stormveil Castle. You can find the Testu’s Rise Tower just north of Raya Lucaria Academy. Here is how to solve it.

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Seek Three Wise Beasts

Upon arriving at the Tower you will find the entrance blocked and a book stand at the bottom of the Tower. Interacting with the stand will ask you to ‘seek three wise beasts.’ After interacting with this stand, skeleton ghosts will begin to appear. The wise beasts are turtle spirits, to ‘seek’ the beast, you will need to attack it, and it will disappear.

The first turtle is located to the left of the tower entrance when facing it, on the cliff edge. The turtle is sitting on some rocks here.

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The Second turtle is located to the right of the tower entrance when facing it. The turtle is off the cliff edge near some large rocks, you will need to drop down to hit the turtle.

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The third turtle is hidden and located in the up a tree directly behind the Tower. To find the turtle, you will need to attack the base of the tree, the turtle will fall out. You will see the turtle appear if you have successfully struck the right tree.

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What is in Testu’s Rise Tower?

After destroying the third turtle the entrance to the Tower will no longer be blocked, and you will be able to enter and climb to the top. At the top, you will find a chest containing a Memory Stone. These stones are used to increase your spell slots by 1. You do not need to equip this item, by simply picking it up, you will now have increased spell slots.

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