Smileton is one of the two Level 90 dungeons released with the 6.00 version of Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion. The dungeon sees you dive into an under-construction section of the moon and defeat out-of-control construction machines for the luna-dwelling Loporrits.

Once you’ve unlocked the dungeon from the Panic-stricken Loporrit at X:11.8, Y:11.4 in Old Sharlayan, you’ll need to use the duty finder and enter the dungeon. After four small packs of mobs, you’ll reach the first boss: Face.

Boss One: Face

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This boss is all about paying attention to the faces on the side. During the fight, the boss will tether to one side of faces, and you’ll receive a debuff of either a smiling or frowning face. When the ability Lines of Fire appears, you’ll need to make sure you’re standing in line with the opposite face to the debuff you have. 

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For example, if you have a red frowning face, stand in line with a blue frowning face to avoid damage.

Other abilities

  • Off my Lawn: Knockback that will push you into line with frowning or smiling faces
  • Temper’s Flare: Raid-wide
  • Upside Down: The Faces will flip, turning to different sides. Adjust and pay attention to your debuff!
  • Heart on Fire IV: Tankbuster

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Boss Two: Frameworker

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After another four packs of mobs, you’ll reach the Frame Worker. This boss is all about avoiding the huge jumps he makes. When the boss casts Leap Forward, he’ll dash in the direction the arrows indicate and cause a massive explosion.

Meanwhile, the two rabbit-shaped robots behind him will use Print Workers. This will replicate the original boss, and they’ll also cast Leap Forward, creating more danger zones.

Other Abilities

  • Circular Saw: Raid-wide
  • Omnidimensional Onslaught: Cone AoEs spread from the boss. When the first detonates, move into the safe space.
  • Steel Beam: Tankbuster

Final Boss: The Big Cheese

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The final boss is the big cheese. This boss uses explosives to try and kill you. Pay attention to the two conveyor belts at the sides. When he casts Explosives Distribution, two bombs will be placed on the conveyor belts. These will detonate, damaging anyone caught on the side they are. Watch the arrows on the conveyor belts. If it has three pointers, the explosive will move to the back of the arena. If it has one, it will only move to the front. Use this to avoid the explosions. 

Dispense Explosives will spawn proximity mines in two quadrants of the map to make things harder. Avoid them. Explosive Power will detonate these mines.

Other Abilities

  • Piercing Missile: Tankbuster
  • Left/Right Disassembler: Cleave to the left or right of the boss
  • Electric Arc: Stack
  • Levelling Missile: Targeted AoEs. Spread
  • Violent Discharge: Raid-wide

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