In Fortnite, players need to complete various Quests and challenges to earn XP, progress in the battle pass and unlock new cosmetics. Besides Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Quests, there are a few other challenges that you can complete to earn XP in the game. One of these includes the Shadow of Phantasm Quests, and you can complete these to earn a ton of XP. These Quests are only available for a week, which means you will need to finish them quickly. Here’s how to complete the Shadow of Phantasm Quests in Fortnite.

Where to find Shield Bubble, Shadow Bombs, Suppressed SMG, and Suppressed AR in Fortnite?

The Shadow of Phantasm Quests will be available in Fortnite from Aug. 30, 2022, to September 7, 2022. The Shield Bubble, Shadow Bombs, Suppressed SMG and Suppressed AR are the four weapons unvaulted for the Shadow of Phantasm Quests. All of the challenges revolve around these weapons, and you will find them easily in the game.

The two Suppressed weapons can be found in ground loot, and in chests. The Shadow Bombs and Shield Bubbles are found as ground loot, in chests, and in Supply Drops. As mentioned in Epic’s official blog The Shield Bubble will not protect players against the Kamehameha. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Mythics will have a lower spawn rate in matches. The challenges in the Shadow of Phantasm Quests are as follows:

  • Collect a Suppressed SMG and a Suppressed AR in the same match – (0/2)
  • Remain shrouded from a single shadow Bomb for 10 seconds – (0/1)
  • Use a Shield Bubble in four different matches – (0/4)
  • Stage 1 of 5: Deal Damage to opponents with a Suppressed SMG, AR, or Shadow Tracker – (0/500)

All of these Quests reward players with 12,000 XP. The Shadow Tracker Exotic weapon can be purchased from the Sunbird NPC, located at the Temple landmark north of Lazy Lagoon. Find these weapons and items in the game, and start completing the Shadow of Phantasm Quests quickly.

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