If you’re a fan of FIFA Ultimate Team, you know how vital rare cards are for the success of your FUT squad. There are several efficient ways to get to them, and one of them is by completing FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges. They can be tricky sometimes, as they act like sports puzzles. That’s especially the case with Seven League Boots SBC in FIFA 23. Here you can find out more about this challenge and how to complete it.

The solution to Seven League Boots SBC in FIFA 23

In Sevel League Boots Squad Building Challenge you have a task of constructing a team consisting of players from seven diffrent football/soccer leagues. To make things harder, you need at least on chemistry point from each player (minimum of 18 chemistry points total).

The best way to do that is to select players of one nationality that play in diffrent leagues. Try focusing on one of nations (like Spain, France or Brazil) that has a lot of players in different leagues. That will make selection easier in terms of chemistry. Keep in mind that you can have only three players from the same league and club, and team overall rating must be at least 78. Here’s out proposal of team for Seven League Boots SBC.

Seven League Boots SBC squad in FIFA 23

  • Vicente Guaita (GK / Premier League / Spanish)
  • Nicholas Pallois (CB / Ligue 1 / French)
  • Andre Ramalho (CB / Eredivisie / Brazilian)
  • Tuta (CB / Bundesliga / Brazilian)
  • Ruben Rochina (RM / La Liga 2 / Spanish)
  • Jose Campana (CM / La Liga 2 / Spanish)
  • Unai Vencendor (CM / La Liga / Spanish)
  • Davidson DA Luz Pereira (LM / Chinese Super League / Brazilian)
  • Suso (RW / La Liga / Spanish)
  • Pedro (LW / Seria A / Spanish)
  • Rafa Mir (ST / La liga / Spanish)

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