Throughout the landscape of Horizon Forbidden West, there are several unique Cauldrons spread across for players to explore. Each Cauldron is its own special type of maze with machines and forgotten tech. At the end of each one, players will have to defeat a large boss machine and then receive overrides for a couple of the machines. TAU is the Cauldron within Plainsong, and it offers some interesting challenges.

Entering the TAU Cauldron

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Players will enter the TAU Cauldron as the main story quest The Dying Lands. This is the “Sacred Cave” as Zo and the Utaru call it. Players will need to crawl through the cave space off to the left of the wall of energy to find a proper entrance. After the cutscene, players will enter the Cauldron.

Through the entrance and off to the far right, players will run into a couple of Leaplashers through another wall of energy. Be careful not to be pushed into the wall as it will continuously shock Aloy. Make sure to take advantage of their acid canister and weak points in order to defeat them swiftly.

Afterward, use the pullcaster to pull Aloy up onto the level above and override the Cauldron door. Follow through the crawlspace to reach the first of the puzzles to a Network Uplink. Each uplink will allow Zo and Varl to follow Aloy through the Cauldron.

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This Cauldron has a very interesting mechanic that Aloy must complete in order to reach each of the Network Uplinks. This requires a bit of timing but is fairly simple. Once players reach the top of the ramp, they will be stuck with nowhere to go. A couple of rotating pillars to the left are what players will want to focus on.

For the lowest pillar, people can wait from this area to shoot the bottom spinning part when it lights up. It will only light up for a short time and will only be on while it stops on this side. This will lower the first of the pillars.

The rest of the pillars work roughly the same. Players can stay here or jump up on the pillar they’ve knocked down to reach the next two pillar’s buttons. If they are a bit too fast to hit, just use Aloy’s aiming focus to slow down time. Afterward, climb up the three pillars to reach the next part of the puzzle.

While standing on the light-up floor button, the next set of pillars will act like the previous set. However, players cannot shoot this set from here. To the right of the button, players can find a slightly broken window. Smash or shoot the last of the glass in order to get inside. Players will then need to push the octagonal crate inside out of the energy wall opposite the window they entered through.

Then jump back out the window to pull the crate onto the button. This will allow players to shoot the next set of pillars like the last. Then climb up them to reach the next set. Simply stand on the new light-up button here to shoot this last set. Finally, climb up these to reach the first of the three Network Uplinks.

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Overriding the first Network Uplink will open into a large cavernous room. Go over to the far left to start jumping across. Some of these spots will only be available to stand on for a short period of time, so watch out. On the other side, run to the far end and climb up the arm to reach the level above. This is where the next Network Uplink to override.

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After the bridge is made for Zo and Varl to catch up, the player can head through the next triangular archway. Inside, HEPHAESTUS is chanting while crafting his machines. Once the three have made their way inside, it’ll be clear that Aloy can use her glider to jump the gap over the flying machines and lava.

Landing here, players can then head further in and climb up the vent when it opens. On this upper level, players will need to climb the pillar to the right to the next platform above. From here, players will need to jump on one of the flying machines passing by. Wait for Aloy to say when the player needs to drop down.

From here, players will need to glide across to the platform off to the right. Then run through the open doorway in the energy shield to reach the third network uplink. This will create another bridge for the two companions to catch up with Aloy.

Defeat the Grimhorn

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The last Network Uplink will open a hallway into the Repair Bay Core. Inside, players will be able to face the newly crafted Grimhorn, made from the Utaru’s missing Land God. A cutscene will play where they talk everything over together before attacking the Grimhorn.

Jump down into the arena, and scan the Grimhorn to get a good idea of its weak points and what it is weak to. While not having many weak points, players can still find several points on the body worth targeting. Once the player is aware, they should switch out their weapons and equipment to give them the best chance again the Grimhorn.

Grimhorn Stats and Parts

  • Weak to Acid
  • Weak to Purgewater
  • Cluster Launcher (a detachable heavy weapon)
  • Horns (detachable)
  • Blaze Sac (explosive)
  • Tail Capsule (detachable)

Afteward, players will need to override the last of the Network Uplinks to release the Grimhorn. Remember to highlight the pieces of the enemy in order to know what their weak points are. The biggest thing to watch out for are the Grimhorns charges and its two launchers on its back.

Once players have defeated the Grimhorn, the final override becomes available. Overriding this will grant Aloy the ability to override a couple of new machines such as the Plowhorn, and Bristleback. After completing this players will then just need to escape the Cauldron.

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