At long last, the Superman outfit is finally playable in Fortnite! However, true to their nature, Epic Games didn’t make it easy. To unlock the Clark Kent, Superman, and Shadow Superman Cosmetics, we must first complete tasks to earn them. The first thing we need to do is unlock the Clark Kent costume by completing quests for Clark Kent, Armored Batman and Beast Boy. In the guide below, we explain how to do this.

Step One: Find them.

DC NPC locations Fortnite C2S7.

The map above provides an outline of where you can find each character mentioned in the quest. To receive quests from them, you’ll first need to visit their location and speak to them. If you’re struggling to find them using the map above, you can use the directions below.

  • Clark Kent: Clark Kent is walking around the house at The Orchard, the landmark farm location directly north of Corny Complex, across the street from Pizza Pit.
  • Armored Batman: Batman is walking around the southern side of Dirty Docks. You will find him near the UFO or the giant crane that hovers overhead.
  • Beast Boy: Beast Boy is walking around the bridge on the west side of the Weeping Woods campsite.

Step Two: Complete their tasks.

Accepting a task for Beast Boy in Fortnite.

Once you have found to the NPCs, the next step is to complete the tasks they offer. To be given a task, you simply need to speak to them. When you do, a dialogue radial will appear. Select a task the dialogue radial (the easier, the better).

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After that, you need to complete the quest! For example, the quest in the image above requires the player to reach 99 mph in a vehicle. So the next step would be for the player to find a vehicle that can reach speed 99 (currently the only one that can do this is a Ferrari) and max out the speed with the booster when they drive. Once that is done, the quest will be complete, and the player will be one step closer to unlocking the Clark Kent outfit.

To unlock the outfit, you must complete five quests given to you by Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy. No other NPC quest will count towards your total.

These three NPCs will probably be popular landing spots for the first week that they’re available, so good luck trying to get quests from them!

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