To complete the Steel Reign quest, out of the blue, you will first need to complete the quest that proceeds it called missing persons. After completing missing persons, to start out of the blue, you will need to find and speak to Paladin Rahmani.

When you find Paladin Rahmani and finish speaking to her, you will need to head on over to the Blue ridge Caravan Headquarters and talk to her there. Once you have spoken with her and after some more dialogue with another NPC, you will then need to head to the Harpers ferry tunnel, as shown by the map below.

Inside this location, you will need to find an NPC called Aries to continue the quest and fight some ghouls along the way. Eventually, this NPC will tell you a passageway will be blocked by some vines. 

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To get past the vines, you will need to gain access to a locked lab door in another room, which can be done with a special code, as detailed in our out of the blue code guide. 

However, to make a long story short, you will need to input the following codes in the order by keypad to get access inside the locked lab room.

  • 12 11 22 13 – First key lock
  • 8 22 8 26 14 22 – Second key lock
  • 8 22 22 23 – Third key lock

Once you get inside the locked lab area, you will need to find a water access found in the following location shown below.

When you reach this spot, prepare for a fight as you will need to protect as Rahmani pumps gas to kill the vines blocking the way forward. During this fight, you will need to fight a horde of ghouls – we recommend aiming for limbs such as the legs to make fighting them easier. 

That being said, after the fight concludes, you will need to head on over to the spot where the vines are blocking your way forward and destroy them. To destroy the vines, simply use your weapon on them, as they can now be destroyed by any means. 

Continue destroying vines and following a passage until you find a terminal marked by an objective icon show below.

This is the pump safety controls, and you will need to press use on it and verify the pump safety controls using it, but before you can do this successfully, you will need to defeat an assaultron that will soon appear. 

Once you dispatch the assualtron, return to the pump safety controls terminal and verify the pump safety controls using it, and then head back to Aries when you finish. 

Speaking to Aries will progress the quest, and once he opens the door you will then need to find three caravan notes, all of which can be found by following objective markers.  

Gathering all three notes, will finish this step of the quest, and you will need to give all three notes you gathered to Rahmani to finish the quest.

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