Back 4 Blood, unlike Call of Duty’s zombie mode, offers a story to its campaign that requires players to do more than slay their undead enemies to complete each mission. Turtle Rock Studio’s most recent title has a unique gameplay structure that asks players to meet several objectives before continuing.

To complete levels in Back 4 Blood, players must finish a series of objectives dictated by the game’s story. These missions may range from slaying a boss to boarding up a room to defend against ridden. It depends on the task. Once each of the level’s missions is complete, head to a Safe Room. Once all four Cleaners are inside the Safe Room, the mission concludes.

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Back 4 Blood’s intense action may make escaping to the Safe Room more challenging than anticipated, as the Ridden are aggressive, capable of dragging players away and capturing them. If a player gets killed in action, only the surviving players must make it to the Safe Room to end the level.

Some levels offer rewards for getting all Cleaners to the conclusion of a level, take care to keep players alive by sticking together, and staying on top of health by healing as often as possible.

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