Kunado’s Trial is one of the challenges you need to face to complete the Erebos’ Secret World Quest, which can be activated after unlocking the three hidden islands in Enkanomiya. Once you’ve completed the prerequisite, head to the pool in Serpent’s Heart.

Going to Kunado’s Locus

The exact location is circled in the map below. Make sure that your daylight setting is set to Evernight.

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Once you’re there, jump into the school of Ghostfish in mid-air. You may need to use a Geo Construct, use an Anemo Skill, or jump from a nearby landform to reach them.

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The Ghostfish will guide you to Kunado’s Locus, which is the once-hidden island on the bottom right of Enkanomiya. You don’t have to click anything as you’re being transported.

Pyro Torch Puzzle

Upon landing on Kunado’s Locus, you’ll encounter the afterimage of Daimon. Speak to him to activate the Trial to release all the Flames of the High Gate. The quest markers will guide you to the exact location within the island.

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What will greet you is a temple-like structure with four imposing statues and a day-night switch mechanism at the entrance. Interact with the mechanism to shift to Whitenight, then activate the two Pyro Torches that appear. After, switch back to Evernight and activate the two new Pyro Torches that appear.


Once that’s done, a battle sequence will begin. There are four waves in total:

  • First wave: x4 Rifthound Whelps
  • Second Wave: x1 Electro Abyss Mage, x1 Pyro Abyss Mage, x1 Hydro Abyss Mage
  • Third Wave: x1 Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling, x1 Primordial Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling
  • Fourth Wave: x1 Hydro Abyss Herald

Releasing the Flame of the High Gate

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After the battle sequence, the four statues will unlock. Climb each statue and interact with them to release the Flame of the High Gate, completing your objective. Follow the quest marker to the afterimage of Daimon to report your progress, completing the Trial.

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