There are many different prospects to complete in Icarus. They function as timed missions where the player descends to the planet’s surface to complete some task. One such prospect is the Kill List Extermination. This isn’t the easiest mission, so you might be wondering how to complete it.

To complete the Kill List Extermination Prospect in Icarus, you will have to go to several locations where you will investigate signs of an attack. After doing that, you might locate the creature responsible for the attack. Here is how to complete this prospect.

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How to complete the Kill List Extermination Prospect

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First, you will need to load up on supplies. We recommend that you bring the following:

  • Knife
  • Torches (3-5)
  • Bow
  • Arrows (30-50)

A few other tools would be helpful, but these are the primary ones you should bring. With these in hand, you are ready to begin investigating. Head to the spots on the map in numerical order. Here you will find evidence of an animal attack. Interact with them by pressing F. Each time you do so, you will be given dialogue and a new location. Go to all three spots.

Once you have visited the three spots, you will be tasked with locating the den and killing the deadly predator. Unfortunately, you will have to do so at night, where your visibility will be limited. Head to the spot labeled 4 and get ready for a fight.

Killing the Predator

You will be fighting an apex predator, which appears as a named creature. This larger wolf is quite deadly, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it will summon packs of wolves to aid it. Throughout the fight, it will retreat into its den to heal, summoning more wolves as well.

Taking it on in a head-on fight will be difficult or suicide if you play solo. We recommend kiting the wolves and the predator or finding a rock you can jump to that they cannot reach you. You will want to use your bow to headshot the wolves and the predator to get critical hits. One to two arrows should kill the wolves, but the predator will take more. Be ready to switch to your knife if any get close.

Once you have slain the predator, you will have completed the Kill List Extermination Prospect. Now you just need to return to your dropship and head back into orbit.

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