When you have nearly enough for a ten-pull, it can be fun to hunt for achievements and earn a couple extra Primogems. Some achievements are fairly easy to complete and grant you five to ten Primogems upon redemption. One of these achievements is Golden Gliding License, which vaguely asks you to “Glide a long, long distance in one go.” Here’s how to complete the Golden Gliding License achievement in Genshin Impact.

How to complete the Golden Gliding License hidden achievement in Genshin Impact

screenshot of the genshin impact map with the tip of starsnatch cliff circled
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To complete this achievement, walk to the tip of Starsnatch Cliff, and look east. There is an island far off that is not displayed on the map. This is your target. Gliding to this island fulfills the distance requirement for the achievement, but it requires some wise stamina management.

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One way of conserving your stamina is by deploying Amber, Collei, or Venti in your active party. These characters will reduce your gliding stamina consumption by 20%, making it easier to glide across long distances. Alternatively, you can place two Anemo characters in the party, decreasing your team’s overall stamina consumption by 15%. If all else fails, you can eat some Delicious Minty Meat Rolls, which decreases your team’s gliding and sprinting stamina consumption by 25% for 900 seconds.

an area that is far east of starsnatch cliff, close to the map border, that is circled.
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With these stamina conservation tricks up your sleeve, you can begin your gliding trip to this hidden island. Jump from the very tip of Starsnatch Cliff, and glide over to the island in the distance. If you see your stamina getting low, eat some stamina-restoring food like Northern Smoked Chicken or Five Pickled Treasures. With Amber in your party, some Delicious Minty Meat Rolls, two Anemo characters, and some emergency stamina food, you should be able to make it to the hidden island, earning the Golden Gliding License achievement.

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