The first Iron Banner of Season of the Haunted has arrived in Destiny 2. Alongside the removal of Power Levels, the introduction of Rift, and a new map, there is a new quest for Guardians to undertake. Lord Saladi—we mean Valus Forge hasn’t forgotten how to temper the iron in a Guardian since taking his new role on the Cabal War Council.

Forging Iron Quest Steps

  1. Complete a match in Iron Banner
  2. Complete a daily challenge
  3. Earn Iron Banner Rank points (300)
  4. Collect an Iron Banner engram from Lord Saladin
  5. Complete Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armor. Each additional piece grants extra progress.
  6. Speak to Lord Saladin at the Tower

Overall, it’s not a bad quest. It’s straightforward and forgoes all the pain that had been typically associated with getting a certain number of kills with different weapons in previous quests. It’s the Goldilocks of quests—not too little that it’s over within a few hours and not so much that it can’t be completed in the week that Iron Banner is here.

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