Fishing Jiangxue is one of many Daily Commissions that players can receive when their Commission location is set to Liyue or Random. You can toggle this feature through the Adventurer’s Handbook, where you must select the Commissions tab and change the location in the drop-down on the upper right of the menu.

Daily Commissions are distributed at random. But once you receive the Fishing Jiangxue Commission, make sure to complete it within the day, before the server reset, or it will disappear and will be replaced with another Commission.

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Start by heading to the large rock on the islet northeast of Wangshu Inn and talk to Jiangxue. He’ll tell you that he’s just about to reel in a huge catch for his friend who loves to cook—a reference to Smiley Yanxiao. But monsters have been disturbing the fish, so he asks you to defeat the wave of enemies that appear.

There are three waves of enemies in total.

  • Wave One:
    • x1 Dendro Samachurl
    • x1 Hilichurl Berserker
    • x2 Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard
  • Wave Two:
    • x1 Hydro Samachurl
    • x2 Wooden Shield Mitachurl
  • Wave Three:
    • x1 Ruin Hunter

The Ruin Hunter in Wave Three can’t be defeated. You must attack it to prompt the Commission to progress, but Jiangxue will eventually finish it off for you.

Talk to Jiangxue once again to complete this Daily Commission. Completing both Fishing Jiangxue and Yangxiao’s Dilemma in any order will grant you the Wonders of the World Achievement called A Nourishing Friendship.

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