Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is celebrating the holidays with the Festive Fervor event. Players can drop into Caldera or Rebirth Island and complete challenges to receive exclusive rewards during the event. Follow this guide on how to complete the Festive Fervor event in Warzone.

You can finish six challenges in no specific order across various game modes. Every challenge has an associated reward, such as a calling card, emblem, and other cosmetics. Although these rewards may not be appealing to all, the final one could be.

Completing all six challenges in the Festive Fervor event gives you the Ol’ Timey Type 11 LMG Blueprint. Here’s how to complete all the challenges in Warzone:

  • Challenge One: Play for seven hours.
    • The mission itself is self-explanatory but may be over the top for casual players. However, the event lasts 18 days from the time of release, giving you plenty of time to complete this challenge.
  • Challenge Two: Travel 25 miles.
    • Simply grab a vehicle and get moving. You don’t have to specifically dedicate your time to this mission as it will track while you play the game as usual.
  • Challenge Three: Deal 365 damage to Krampus.
    • The beast can be found on Caldera and Rebirth Island as well. The game randomly puts a bounty on a player who Krampus then hunts for three minutes.
    • You can either survive until the timer runs out or eliminate the demon to get some good loot. Also note that Krampus is aggressive and hard to kill.
    • To increase your chances of contacting Krampus, open Holiday Crates by the Festive Fir Trees that spawn across the map. Krampus will most likely come for you if a crate gives you coal.

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  • Challenge Four: Destroy 12 Elves.
    • Elves are miniature, green creatures that you can find hanging out across several locations on both maps. Locate them by following their laughter, which you can hear when close to them.
    • Some of the places we found the Elves in Caldera include the Capital Building, Lighthouse, and Peak.
  • Challenge Five: Open 24 Holiday Crates.
    • As mentioned earlier, these special loot boxes spawn by the Holiday Trees in Caldera. Secure the capture zone around the tree to get high-tier loot from the crates.
    • You can find the trees’ location on the map.
  • Challenge Six: Go to eight points of interest.
    • This mission is by far the easiest, and you don’t even have to try to do it, similar to the second challenge. Playing the game will eventually lead to eight different POIs on the map.

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