Call of Duty: Vanguard’s first limited-time event, Festive Fervor, comes with lots of surprises for players. From new Operator Bundles to in-game challenges, there are several rewards available. You can also get exclusive cosmetics for free via the new Multiplayer challenges.

Here’s how to complete all six Festive Fervor challenges in Vanguard:

  • Challenge One – Kill Krampus three times.
    • Krampus spawns randomly within matches with the motive to kill the target. All you have to do is stop playing objective or simply camp in a corner to be his target.
    • Although he is difficult to kill, you can do it with the help of your team. Even if you assist in taking the beast down, it counts as a kill.
    • If Krampus catches you, he will perform a finishing move and kill you.
  • Challenge Two – Kill 10 Elf Team Six members.
    • These tiny creatures can be found in different locations on the maps. You can locate the Elves by following their peculiar laughter.
    • They hide in plain sight and are easy to track.
  • Challenge Three – Open five Care Packages.
    • This particular challenge is very simple and can be easily done in the new Armageddon mode.
    • Several free supply packages are dropped throughout the match for both teams.
    • Capturing the Care Packages gives you a random killstreak that you can use on enemies.
    • You can also use your Care Package killstreak, but the previous method is way easier.

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  • Challenge Four – Get five kills with Killstreaks.
    • Grab any lethal killstreak such as Warmachine, Glide Bomb, etc., and eliminate five enemies.
  • Challenge Five – Complete 10 matches in Armageddon.
    • Armageddon is a new mode introduced along with the Festive Fervor event. You can find it in the Multiplayer playlist.
    • Make sure you finish the match, as leaving in between doesn’t count towards the progress. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.
  • Challenge Six – Complete 15 matches on Shipment.
    • Similar to the last challenge, finish 15 matches on the Shipment map.
    • Both maps, the usual Shipment and the limited-time Shipment, add to the progress.

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