After selecting a Bounty in Hearthstone Mercenaries, players will need to pick their team before continuing to their route. Bounties are comprised of several procedurally generated encounters or routes that lead up to a battle with a respective Bounty Boss. Players can decide what route to take and what encounters to have.

Encounters may be fights, the Spirit Healer, or random points of interest. The points of interest can be helpful or damaging to the player’s Party depending on whether they provide Boons, additional characters, or rule changes.

The majority of encounters on a Bounty are fights. Every time the player fights, all Mercenaries in their Party will gain experience. This includes mercenaries who never participated in the fight or died.

From the Official Activision-Blizzard Blog

The player will gain one Treasure per Mercenary who survives the fight. Many different types of treasures are available that can boost your stats, add passive effects, or grant new Abilities. Treasures only last for the Bounty, but most of the progression is permanent across Mercenaries.

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Fights in Dragon Frames are especially challenging. Players will face an extra enemy during these “Elite” encounters, but completing them will give the player more experience and better treasures than usual.

Health will be restored to all Mercenaries after every fight. However, players will be unable to use any Mercenaries that died during these encounters. A Mercenary can only be revived by Spirit Healers found along the route, who will revive only one random Mercenary.

Once players beat the Bounty Boss at the end of the route, Hearthstone Mercenaries will reward players with a chest full of Mercenary Coins. These can be used to pay for a Mercenary, power up a Mercenary’s abilities, or power up their equipment.

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